Wine storing

First Liebherr FridgeStoring and serving wine a specialism. Storing and serving has to be done at the right temperature, humidity and without vibrations. In our modern houses mostly there is no wine cellar. So how can you store your wines? Most people in the UK speak about a wine fridge UK or wine cabinet. In the USA people have the same needs but speak about wine cooler or wine coolers, wine refrigerator, but also about wine fridge and wine cabinet.

Is there a difference between the appliances? To be honest as an expert I have to say yes. Actually the best way to describe an appliance that is controlling the temperature, humidity, filters the air is te speak about a wine cabinet. Companies like Liebherr are historical influenced by the fact that they produce refrigerators since 1959. So in peoples mind the word refrigerator comes First. But the engineers of Liebherr developed a total unique piece of technology. Not based on the cooling technology but base on preserving wine.

Popular wine cabinets in the UK and USA:

The WTes 5872, WTes 5972, WTb 4212, WTr 4211, WKb 4212, WKt 6451 and WKr 4211.

The WS17800, WS4000, WU4000, wu5600, hws1800, ws1200.

Storing wine should be done at +12°C in a constant environment and can be done easily in a wine cabinet with one temperature compartment. People speak about Single-Temperature wine cabinets. Serving white and red wine means that you need at least two compartments. Red needs +18°C and white wine around +10°C. And what to do with the champagne that needs +5°C. For this issue there is a solution. You need a wine cabinet with three compartments or wine safes. In the USA you can buy the Liebherr WS17800 Vinidor which called in the UK Liebherr WTes 5872 Vinidor. These are freestanding wine cabinets with stainless steel with a remarkable design. Liebherr won a reddot award for these model. In the UK it is also possible to buy a wine cabinet with six temperature zones. These models are called WTb 4212 with a glassed door or WTr 4211 with a isolated door. As a wine cabinet specialist at Cavepromotor I can’t promis that Liebherr will introduce these models in the USA. Maybe the cost for transportation in the USA is to high, because free shipping means $300 for a dealer to work nationwide.

Humidity is normally around the 60% in the Liebherr wine cabinets. In real life you have to monitor this. A digitral hygrometer is delivered with every wine cabinet bought via Cavepromotor. When you realise that the humidity is to low you can start ventilating. When is below 50% that you should use lavastones.

Bad smells have to stay outside the wine cabinet. Therefor Liebherr is using three filters in the WS17800 or WTes 5872.

Environmental vibrations can be neutralized with Vibration Reduction Blocks for the freestanding models. These blocks are invented by Cavepromotor. The wine cabinet is placed on the blocks gets rid of the problem. Buying a freestanding wine cabinet via Cavepromotor means that the blocks are included in the price. Cavepromotor is selling wine cabinets in many European countries and in the USA. Buying a freestanding wine cabinet at another dealer is possible. They can order the blocks at Cavepromotor but will be charged at $325.

In Holland people speak about a wijnkast or wijnkoelkast. Just in case to remember when you are gonna live in The Netherlands.